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Adventures in Acquiring Sources

Over the last few months I've been acquiring a variety of sources on various aspects of the martial arts. My initial focus was on jujutsu and its derivatives, primary judo, and especially newaza (grappling on the mat). More recently I've expanded my interests to grappling as found in the historical European martial arts (HEMA) communities. This post will outline a few of the places I've been acquiring sources. Digital documents . Many of the sources which interest me are a century or more old. The early 20th century is one of my research areas, as this is when judo expanded to the Western world. Many books from this period are available online, usually as a PDF scanned from a physical book. The copyright has expired on these old books, so they are sometimes available for download. Reprints, sold online or in stores . A certain number of older books have been reprinted, and can be purchased at low cost. The quality of these reproductions varies from scans of the original

Welcome to Martial History Team

Martial History Team promotes martial arts history based on sound evidence and sourced research. In the coming months, expect to read book reviews, recommended history materials, and much more! We are currently posting most of the new content on the site's Facebook page , although we expect to transition content for permanent record to this blog.