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Best Book Winner: General Martial Arts Histories in English

  What English language general martial art history book does Martial History Team recommend?  Introduction When I (Richard) started Martial History Team in late January 2020, I said that the goal of the project was to promote martial arts history based on sound evidence and sourced research. In late June I published Best Book Winner: Professor Kano Biographies in English , my first attempt at guiding interested readers toward specific resources on a single topic. Today I'm pleased to provide a second specific recommendation, based on reading several books, some of which were quite lengthy. That delayed production, along with my focus on publishing several book relating to cybersecurity, explained in my post Quick Update on Martial History Team Status . With that groundwork laid, on to the list! The List The following are the 6 titles in consideration. The title links to an Amazon page, if available, or to the publisher. The rating links to my reviews at Martial Journal , when avai