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July 2021 Book Survey: Budo and Associated Topics Part 2

My (Richard's) reading theme for July 2021 was books on budo and associated topics. This was an extension of my reading theme for June 2021 .  Introduction When I started this reading project in May 2020, I prioritized books on martial arts history. I read 34 books from May - November 2020 and reviewed several for Martial Journal . In December 2020 I started my current project, which involves reading 6-12 books per month and writing these monthly survey posts. These titles are numbered 122-132 in my reading spreadsheet. That list extends to number 435, ending in June 2024. Beginning in July 2024, my remaining unread martial arts books all carry the label "technique." My library currently lists 225 print books and 563 digital books with the "technique" label. Some time in 2024 I will create a reading plan for those titles as well. The goal of Martial History Team is to "promote martial arts history based on sound evidence and sourced research." I read t