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Martial History Team Is Now Live on Buy Me a Coffee

Martial History Team is now live on Buy Me a Coffee . You may know about our Amazon Wish List . If you would like to help us get books to read and review from that list, then please consider supporting us via Buy Me a Coffee . Thank you. 

August 2021 Book Survey: Judo and Associated Topics

My (Richard's) reading theme for August 2021 was books on judo and associated topics. This was my last set of books from my old reading plan. I'll talk about my new plan at the end of the post. Introduction I started August 2021 with a plan to read books on judo history. I made progress with a list I had made, then decided to take a detour when I saw the release of Rickson Gracie's biography, Breathe: A Life in Flow . I also managed to borrow a copy of  Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-Jujutsu via inter-library loan. Soon the month had ended, and I still needed to write this post. I thought it best to post the notes I had and press on with my new plan. Judo in the U.S.: A Century of Dedication, Michel Brousse and David Matsumoto, 2005 Judo in the U.S.: A Century of Dedication , Michel Brousse and David Matsumoto, 2005 I am a fan of books by Dr. David Matsumoto, although most of them are out of out of print and some are difficult to find. This book, Judo in the U.S.: A Century