Shining a Light on the HEMA Wrestling Tradition

I've been looking at wrestling in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and found some great work on Fabian von Auerswald's "Ringer kunst: funf und Achtzig Stücke (The Art of Wrestling: Eighty Five Techniques)."

First, there is an English translation available if your 16th century German isn't up to par, courtesy of James Klock.

Second, Tim Hall, David Rowe and Bill Grandy, instructors at the Virginia Academy of Fencing, Historical Swordsmanship Division, wrote an article and filmed multiple videos showing techniques from Auerswald's text.

Third, I created a YouTube playlist with all the videos, for easy access.

This is a great combination of translation, interpretation, and practice for an important work of martial arts history.


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